Draft invitation letter for Medlist mailing - comments welcome

Research Cooperative
21/01/12 10:32:12PM

I am writing to introduce the Research Cooperative, an NPO and international network for researchers, teachers, graduate students, science writers, editors, translators, illustrators and publishers.

Please see our website: http://researchcooperative.org or Sign up here .

Note: The subscription form includes a zero payment option, which most members choose; donations are invited but are not an obligation.

Have you ever struggled to get a paper published?

Our mission is to provide practical support for research communication in all subjects, countries, languages, and media. Our English-language forums can be used to request or offer volunteer or paid services - editing, translating, reviewing, and much more.

Members can invite others to join our network. We currently have more than 3,600 members, from all regions of the world.

Join us to meet people who care about research, writing, publishing, and education.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Peter J. Matthews
Administrator, The Research Cooperative,
Kyoto, Japan