How members in a group can contact each other

Research Cooperative
26/11/18 11:09:16PM

1. Usually, a group is set up so that all messages posted in a group discussion are sent out to each group member via the email used for registration. So it is not necessary to watch the discussion page all the time to know what is begin discussed.

2. Without posting a message in the public discussion board, it is possible to contact other group members using the "Group Mail" pen-icon button at top of the group page.

3. A message should also reach any Research Co-op member, inside or outside the group, if a @profile-url hot-link is written anywhere in the message (this is often the same as the profile username, if the username is written without a space) (e.g. @username).


Profile name = Chief Admin 

Profile URL = chief-admin  (unless manually changed)

Hot-link for cross posting = @Chief-Admin   or @chief-admin   (case insensitive)