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Research Cooperative
14/04/22 10:48:06PM @chief-admin:

Dear Co-op Members,

When commercial service providers represented by profiles like the one you see here join our network, it is often part of an impersonal link posting process used to raise the visibility of the parent website.

If the parent website and services offered are entirely unrelated to the purposes of our network, or are ethically contrary to our aims, then the user account will be deleted.

In this case, I have checked the link source code, website and company (ExterNetworks). The company states that it has offices in multiple regions, appears legitimate, and does offer services related to education as described in the quote below:

"ExterNetworks offer reliable and scalable solutions which are accessible by the entire gamut of the education fraternity which includes students, faculty, administrators and parents." (Internet, Company website,,14th April 2022)

I make no guarantees about the services offered, but merely note here that they may be of interest for present or future members of our network.

Private companies that support public-good research, education, or academic publication through their services are invited to sponsor our network, the Research Cooperative, in various ways.

See:   Sponsors (tile page)

Thanks for your attention.

(Admin., Kyoto)

vinnie win
14/04/22 04:56:33PM @vinnie-win:

Call it the best of both worlds. Outsourced IT Managed Services with 24/7 access to experts for peace of mind. We provide all clients access to our 24x7 Help Desk Services, managed by a team of trained experts on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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