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Wiki Calls For Papers (WikiCFP)

By Research Cooperative, 2017-01-04

This is an open-access site dedicated to registering calls for academic papers, according to subject category.

It also offers a page for authors to manage their deadlines.

See: Wiki Calls For Papers

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Avoiding and detecting plagiarisation

By Research Cooperative, 2016-12-18

There are many methods and tools that can be used to detect plagiarisation. The need to look for plagiarised text (and images) is most obvious when students first attempt academic writing, and lack confidence in their own writing, or misunderstand the purposes of a university education (e.g. learning how to write).

See: How to Detect Plagiarism (MIT, USA) - resources for teachers wishing to check student writing

At the Research Cooperative we are more concerned with how journals can avoid publishng plagiarised content in submitted papers. The best prevention lies in the hands of authors themselves. It is better for authors to write in their own words and acknowledge the sources of specific, special ideas and information, rather than plagiarizing text in an attempt to raise the apparent quality of their writing and information.

See: iThenticate - a commercial system developed for academic authors and publishers

Authors who are not confident about their writing can seek help from editors to improve the writing, can learn how to write better with the help of editors, and can acknowledge such help formally, thus avoiding the problem of plagiarisation altogether.

Editors should be acknowledged for their role in raising the standards of sicientific communication, whenever possible. If an editor's contribution amounts to co-authorship, this should be formally considered even if it was not the original intention. Givng editors adequate acknowledgment for their contributions is a responsibility for both authors and publishers.

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Academia at

By Research Cooperative, 2016-10-19

This looks like a great discovery - an Academic Q&A that puts the top rated answers to any question at the top of the stack.


... and ask or answer any question that takes your fancy.

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Website tools

By Research Cooperative, 2016-10-11 - html tutorials, css coding, colour codes, etc.

Everything needed (except our time) for building or redesigning a website

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Digital file formats

By Research Cooperative, 2016-10-11

How many different file formats exist for digital information?

It is a jungle out there. Some formats are extinct, many are alive, and many are evolving.

The Library of Congress Digital Formats website has a comprehensive catalogue with descriptions of old and new file formats. The information is provided to help librarians and archivists manage digital collections. Look for their Format Descriptions tab.

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Currency Conversion

By Research Cooperative, 2016-10-11
Currency Conversion

Currency conversion is useful when negotiating prices, or buying books online etc. Here are three commonly used services:


Less well known is the following equation:

Volunteer x Worried Writer x Sincere Effort = Mutual Satisfaction (a universal social currency). Bananas also deserve respect

Place Names & Place Codes

By Research Cooperative, 2016-10-11
Place Names & Place Codes

The International Organization for Standardization displays 248 official short names for countries, and short identification codes for each country.

The World Gazetteer by Stefan Helders is a rich source of information on places and geographical data.

Maps of Net is a huge aggregation site for maps of the world, with comprehensive destination gazetteer.

The AuthaGraph world map shows the true areas of ocean and land in a rectangular layout.

Calling Codes

By Research Cooperative, 2016-10-11
Calling Codes

I often need to look up international country codes. The following sites are useful:

CountryCallingCodes .com

StudyAbroad .com

World Telephone Numbering Guide

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