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Hubert Turner
12/01/17 06:16:47AM @hubert-turner:

Hi everybody,

Native English speaker, highly experienced in editing material in the life sciences and in medicine, can help you get your paper in good shape! I do language checkups, literature checks, pre-submission reviewing, indexing, and proofreading. 


Research Cooperative
12/01/17 11:20:23PM @chief-admin:

Dear Hubert,

Thanks very much for revisiting our network!

I am currently working on a paper on the phylogeography of a cultivated aroid in Asia and the Pacific. The subject may be of interest to you, and your experience would be valuable for us.

We are reworking our draft for a new journal after it was submitted, reviewed, and rejected by another journal. The initial reviews were very helpful.

It might be good if we can discuss our publishing plan with you at the present stage, and enjoy the benefit of your feedback at all stages of our revision effort.

Sorry for not being more informative, but if the subject seems of possible interest, please contact me here:

PJ Matthews

pjm at idc dot minapku dot ac dot jp

Best regards, Peter

Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh
20/05/12 12:31:41AM @profdr-bharat-raj-singh:

Hi all,

I could edit and proofread your paper for English correction pertaining to IC Engine, Thermodynamics, Air Engine and environmental issues.

Best Wishes,

Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh,

SMS, Lucknow, India.

Arda Ozturkcan
10/05/12 10:33:27PM @arda-ozturkcan:

Hi for all Editors and proofreaders...

Les Gates
07/03/12 03:35:13AM @les-gates:

Hi Kumar

I could edit and proofread your paper for English corrections using track changes on MS Word. I do not, however,have any expertise in your area of research. Please contact me if you think I may be of service, and I will provide you with a quote. Regards.

Les Gates

kumar avinash bharati
06/03/12 07:54:51PM @kumar-avinash-bharati:

I need help in english correction of my paper. It is about ethnoveterinary plants of India. Language editing is only required for abstract, introcution and discussion part, about 6-7 pages.

Iman Tohidian
06/06/11 04:39:45AM @iman-tohidian:

Dear Friends and Colleagues

I hope everything goes on the right track

It's a great pleasure for me to be among you- as famous scholars in your field. I welcome all your comments and hope to hear from you if there's something which I can help!!!!



Amin Hakim
03/03/11 06:03:32AM @amin-hakim:
My field is Strategic management and Information Technology
Research Cooperative
13/06/09 12:20:30PM @chief-admin:
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